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Dr. Aradhana Gupta is one of the best and top-rated clinical psychologists in Kanpur.

Dr Aradhana Gupta- Psychologist in Kanpur
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Dr. Aradhana Gupta

Dr. Aradhana Gupta is a qualified psychologist with a wide range of experience and a very professional positive attitude. She has experience in independent practice, providing psychotherapy and assessment services to adults, children, as well as clinical supervision to other mental health providers. She is the best relationship/couple counselor & child psychologist in Kanpur, India. 

What We Treat

Addiction Counselling

Bipolar Disorder Counselling

Depression Treatment

Relationship Issues Counselling

Sleep Disorder Treatment

Sexual Dysfunction Counselling

Anger Management

Child & Adolescents

Learning Disabilities

Personalitiy Disorder

Career Counselling

Stress Counselling

Trauma Counselling

Self Confidence

LGBTQ Issues

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VR Exposure Therapy in Kanpur

VR exposure therapy (VRET)

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Dr. Aradhna Gupta is one of the best psychiatrist in Kanpur. Online consultation Available. Best Clinical Psychologist in Kanpur. Top & best psychiatrist in Kanpur.


What Our Clients Say

One of the best things that happened to me in the 18 years ive spent on earth, she is a complete sweetheart, pulls you up with the utmost courage and puts you back together in perfect shape no matter how screwed up you feel. I dont know about other shrinks but i love mine and couldnt be more grateful for her
Dr.Aradhana Gupta is one of the best clinical psychologist.. I was suffering from social phobia , aniexty and emotional distress.. I visited to so many clinical psychologist but my problem wasn't cured.. when I visited to ma'am I was completed depressed and helpless but after 25min of my session I felt so good, save and comfortable .. she is very positive and expert in her field.. Thought CBT sessions I got completely relief from my problems.. thanks a lot ma'am
Dr. Aradhna Gupta is one the best psychiatrist / Clinical Psychologist and mental health doctor in Kanpur.She expert in child age problem, old age problem, de-addiction and depression doctor.Make an appointment with her and consult your problem.
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